Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cooper Just Might FREAK!

I told him if he would learn to potty like a big boy that I would buy him tickets for Day out with Thomas, he is Thomas obsessed right now. He loved the idea he just didn't want to learn to use the potty. He is one stubborn boy, but I am proud to say he has one stubborn mommy as well, and he is completely potty trained! He wears a pull up at night, just in case, and he still doesn't like to poop and will hold it, until he has to go, see how stubborn he is?!?

So, the other night I ordered his tickets. He freaks when we just visit the site so I can't imagine how it is going to be when he actually gets to go and see Thomas!! We are going March 28th and we are having to drive to Grapevine to see it, but it will be so worth it! I am so excited for him, I am about to freak, LOL!