Thursday, July 23, 2009

Harry Potter....

Bruce and I went last Saturday night to watch the new Harry Potter movie. I was super excited to see it. We even went to the 10 o'clock movie and that is late for us old folks. Anyway I will try to voice my opinions without giving too much of the movie away, but if you haven't seen it yet and you want to you might want to skip this post. All 3 of you that read my blog that is.

Alright, I love Harry Potter some of my most favorite books ever! JK is a much better author than the Twilight lady and I can say that because I have read both series in their entirety. So, when the movies come out I can't wait and for the most part the movies have been just like I pictured things when I was reading the book or in some instances better than I pictured.

With that being said, it wasn't that this movie was not good, but it was, what is the word I am looking for here, somewhat lackluster. It was just kind a big blah! I mean I know this movie is just like the book set up for the next, but there is still a plot and a story to be told. Anyway we all know that Dumbledore dies, so please tell why the screenwriter thought it was not pertinent to have the funeral scene it the movie. It was said that he though after the glow wand thing that they did that the funeral scence would be redundent. Where was the big white tomb, where was the big wizard send off. UGH how can you leave that part out?!?!? Plus, they make Snape look too much like the good guy in this one. I don't know I can't exactly put my finger on what about this movie I just didn't' love, but there was definitely something that I just didn't love.

I am still looking forward to the next and maybe it will put this one mroe into perspective, but so far Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince not my favorite!!!!


Tina said...

I have yet to see it, but have heard from just about everyone that's seen it that it wasn't nearly as good as the previous movies, and was lacking in many ways. I think I'll probably wait until the DVD comes out (especially since taking the kids to see Up yesterday cost me $46...just ridiculous!)

But yay for a date night with the hubby!

Tasha said...

I need to read HP! This series is on my list of things to read but I keep putting it off.

Robyn said...