Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What should I read next?!?

Throw me some good suggestions on some must reads!

Ice Storm+ 1 Husband + 3 Kids=

One Crazy mother!!! My kids are so tired of being inside they are bored and it is not even snow so I can't send them out to play. Thank God the electricity has not gone off, or I really would have been over the edge. As much as I have loved having my kids safe at home, I am so hoping it thaws out enough for them to go back to school tomorrow!

Book Review-Dewey-The Small Town Library Cat that Touched the World

I so was not going to read this book. I got it in a box of a bunch of other books that I won on a drawing from So I have had this book forever and it just sat there staring at me from the nightstand, literally staring cause there is a cute picture of Dewey the Cat on the front. We have been iced in for the last few days which makes for lots of reading time for me. I was also out of points on my Book Mooch account and I noticed that this book was on several wishlists, so I knew I could get a quick point out of it. I picked it up yesterday and let me tell you (this coming from a non aninimal person) was such a well-written, heart warming, touching, and endearing read. I so enjoyed it tears (yes there were tears) and all start to finish.

The book is about a cat named Dewey that was abandoned in the drop box of the library in the small town of Spencer, Iowa. The cat was rescued by the head libririan there and adopted not just by the library but by the whole town. While this book was about Dewey it was about so much more, he was the common thread woven throughout the story,but it was also about small town life and family and the bonds we all make not just with the people in our life but with the animals as well. The book will make you laugh, reminicse, and most likely cry but so worth the read.It was adorable.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I finished the last Twilight book...

and I came to a conclusion. I really, really did not enjoy Stephanie Meyer's writing style. I mean the woman could take something that could be said in one page and turn into 10! My disdain for her writing style however, did not lessen my enjoyment of her characters. I became emotionally invested in the characters and that is what kept me plugging through all the books. I wanted to know what happened. I wanted to know how everything ended up. She didn't quite tie up all the loose ends for me, but did a good enough job that I was not too disappointed. Don't know if I will rush out a read anymore of the stuff she has written. We will see after I have had a break for awhile.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Had a Girl's Night Out

We had a blast too! We went to watch the movie Bride Wars, it was a very cute girlie movie.Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson were HILARIOUS! Plus it had one of my fav boy actors from One Tree Hill, Bryan Greenburg, he was on like a couple of seasons and then left, so it was nice to see him in Bride Wars. We did the movie thing and then had a nice long dinner at TGI Fridays. Plus my friend Amy bought everyone dinner, such a sweetie. We are determined to make it a monthly thing this year, we don't get together enough and it was nice to giggle and have girly conversations!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2nd Chance- James Patterson

I am really digging Patterson right now. His books are entertaining and a quick read. Albeit he can be a bit on the gory side from time to time. I like his characters. I like that they are women and bad asses. He keeps you guessing on the plot end of things and several times when I thought I had it all figured out he changed it. I will be picking up the 3rd one as soon as I have some Book Mooch points! If you like a good murder mystery, I would definitely check him out.

I am sorry I waited so long to read him, because of my silly bias against men writers. That right I am a novel sexist. I like my novels to be written by the female persuasion. My guess is though that Patterson's wife has some input in his women characters, I am just sayin'.

EEEK as Promised!

Just so you know if you tell anyone this I will hunt you down like the dog that you are! ( Bearing in mind that I putting it here on the world wide web for every Tom, Dick, and Harry on God's green earth to read!)

My Wii Fit scale says that I way a whopping 193 lbs, UGH! REALLY?!?! That is pretty accurate within a few pounds either way as my mom's scale. I had a really lovely digital scale that my darling son dismantled! (But I am loving on Cooper right now because he peed, yes peed in the potty tonight! WOOT!)

Okay on we go!

Tomorrow is church night and that kills me! The ladies at church can cook. My plan is to not eat there and eat when I get home unless I can find something not too terribly bad for me there. I have drank 2 bottles of water today, and considering I usually drink none that is a lot. I plan on having one more before bed.

I am going back on the wagon!

And outing myself about it in the hopes it will keep me accountable. I did Weight Watchers last year and lost about 20lbs and I had lost about 20 lbs before I started. Life got busy, WW got expensive and I got hungry! Anyway I have gained back 10lbs of what I had lost. So I am going back on WW. I am not going to do the meetings this time, YET. I am trying it on my own for a bit to see how I fair. I got the WII Fit for Christmas so hopefully that will help. I am also going to move my mom's treadmill down to my house, which hopefully means I will use it more. She is currently using it for a clothes rack, so I don't think she will mind. I am going to start journaling what I am eating everyday and also drinking LOTS more water. I found that drinking water really did help last time. Anyway wish me luck. What I didn't want to do this year is look back at where I was headed and think gosh if I had only stuck with it think what I would weigh now but yet here I am once again. I have this lovely dish crocking in my new Crock Pot which we will eat with some roasted veggies and a nice salad. Sounds YUM! So, if you read this keep me accountable, leave me messages ask me how I am doing, encouragement would be nice too! I am going to get on the scale tonight and I will *gasp* post my weight here. (Oh gosh I a can't believe I am going to do that!)

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Okay I am outing myself! I have a small obsession with Bath and Body Works Wallflowers! But alas I am a tightwad or let's say thrifty that sounds better, and I won't pay the $12 they are normally, but if you are familiar with BBW you know they have a clearance sale twice a year once after Christmas and once in the summer. During said clearance sale they have their Wallflowers on sale for $5 a box, yes $5 dollars a box. So twice a year I stock up and by stock up I mean, I may never need to buy Wallflowers again. While I was there yesterday, some lady saw me piling them into my bag and she was asking me which ones smelled good, I was like I haven't a clue I just buy them compulsively and hope they don't smell like crap! I think she thought I was a freak, but nothing make me happier than to open my Wall Flower cabinet, yes I have a cabinet for them, and see that it is all full! YAY!