Saturday, February 28, 2009

I am not going to say this too loud but...

Cooper pooped on the potty tonight and he has not had a accident in several days. I think we may be rounding the bend on the potty training thing, which is good because it was about to send me round the bend and not in a good way but in a send Robyn to a padded cell kinda way! So here's hoping we have it down!

Other fun things this weekend. Bruce's mother kept all three kids last night and we had a date night, nothing fancy just dinner at Chilli's because everything else was too dang crowded. We wanted Olive Garden, and figured since it was pouring rain, that it wouldn't be too crowded. When we got there at like 15 til 6 btw, people were standing outside in the rain waiting. I love me some Olive Garden but not enough to stand in the rain for who knows how long to get it. After dinner we headed to Hastings to peruse the cheap books, I got 2 new books for $3.99 and Bruce got a book. We then headed to Marable Slab, and had some wonderful ice cream. Then it was a trip to Old Navy, which sucks anymore! Then Books A Million also was equally sucky. Finally, a trip to Target and we headed home, where we picked up the boy, and the girl's spent the night with the grandparents.

Plus to top it off Cooper slept in this morning, SWEET! All in all so far a pretty sucessful weekend! My laundry is caught up but my house is wreck, we all know you can't have it all!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Last One for the Night

The scene from Dead Poets Society where Robin Williams is exiting after being fired and the boys stand on their desks and say O Captain My Captain! Gets me everytime! One of my all time favorite movie moments!! Bring on the waterworks! What are some of your favorite movie moments?

Friday Night Lights

Where I went to high school football was pretty much king, that being said I have somewhat of an affinity for football related movies and shows. Facing the Giants, Friday Night Lights, Varsity Blues, Remember the Titans, you get the picture. That being said I love the T.V show Friday Night Lights, that comes on NBC Friday nights at 8:00. It is just such a good show, and I just know they will cancel it because they weren't going to bring it back this year but they worked out a deal with Direct TV and they did. I will be so bummed if it gets canceled though, it reminds me of everything I loved about high school.  Plus there are some pretty cute actors that play in it as well. So, if you need a show to watch on Friday nights check it out, if you are a football fan or even if you are not, I think you will enjoy it! 

Thursday, February 26, 2009

This is Why I Don't Cook

I really don't mind cooking in fact I even go through phases where I love to cook. Right now I am in a cooking phase. So, for tonight's dinner I am making Weeknight Cheese Quiche from the recipes at ( I triple love this site, makes finding things to cook so easy and they are written for a novice like myself and still taste yummy! I received no compensation for this advertisement BTW). So I pull up the recipe on my computer, I get everything done and I get to the part where you pour the mixture into the pie crust, so I start reading and it says prepared pie crust which up to that point I just thought meant already made, which it was, but then I started to wonder if by prepared it meant already baked! UGH, see why I don't cook, I am sure if any of you reading this are any kind of chef at all you are sitting there going DUH, she so should have know that, but I don't. So I sit here waiting for it to cook, terrified that I have ruined dinner due to my inaccurate interpretation of the recipe. This is why I don't cook! 

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I am Tenatively Celebrating

The fact that Cooper may just have this whole potty training thing down. At least the pee part! I am beyond thrilled! No more diapers for me EVAH!

We did have an unfortunate accident in my floor but we won't speak of it as it still makes me throw up a bit in my mouth! ICK!

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Boy

My sweet, beautiful baby boy may be the most stubborn male on the planet, well next to his dad. We have been potty training and he is doing really well staying dry, the problem is he HOLDS it. He won't pee and he won't poop. The poop thing is really bothering me, I know he has to go. At first I was like well, eventually he will go he can't hold it forever. I think though possibly he could and would hold it forever! It is a battle of wills and right now and he just may be winning! UGH! I so do not <3 potty training at all!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Bachelor- Again

I just read an online spoiler about this season of the Bachelor and I can tell you right now if it happens the way this guy says it is going to, excuse my French but I am going to be PISSED! I mean ticked to the point that I honestly will not ever watch the show again, and yes I know I said that after that dirtbag made me watch the whole dang season and then gets to the end and picks NO ONE, I mean in his defense one of his choices was Deanna but still he could have picked the other girl and then dumped her like everyone else does!

If it goes down like I have read it does, and if the accusations are true, it is really beyond cruel, and that Jason would agree to it makes me sick! I mean it is really bad, I don't want to go into detail cause I know there are people who do not like to know something before it happens, and I am really hoping this is not true, because it is bad people, really, really bad! UGH! Anyway I guess we will all see on Monday night.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Bachelor

Okay can I just say right now that if I was not married I would have been the stalker chick on this season of the Bachelor because I <3 Jason! That being said I pretty pleased with the final two, although I would have loved to have seen the other Mommy in there, even though even I could tell there was no chemistry there. What is up with all the drama though, bringing Deanna, I do not <3 Deanna, back, right before the big proposal? Then Chris all talking about how they are trying to protect all the parties involved? I don't get it, but I am going to keep watching because I am obsessed! I am saying right now though, if he dumps either of those girls to go back to that heartbreaker Deanna I am going to boycott the show forever! Chick got her chance now go away!!!! 

T is for Trespass

I read this awhile back and didn't get a review up, mainly because I didn't have much to say. It is vintage Sue Grafton, and it wasn't that it wasn't a good book, it was honestly one of her better ones. At this point though I am kinda like been there done that! Anyway if you love Sue Grafton, which I do, this one will not disappoint.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Awesome Song from ER last Night

Check it out on you tube South Side of Heaven, by Ryan Bingham! I am on the stupid Apple computer and couldn't copy and paste! Stupid Apple!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Life and Times of Substitute Teacher

As, I have told you all before I started substituting this year to earn some extra money and some days it just isn't worth the $50 bucks! I was in Kindergarten last week which I love they are so sweet and cuddly and lovable at the age. I have decided if I ever go back to school I will get my Early Childhood degree. Anyway, so they are all about centers in school now especially at that age. So after the reading lesson, I got the centers set up and they so good about going to their little tables and working on their stuff, it is really too cute. Anyway on this particular day the teacher had left a stamping center for them, stamps with words that they were to trace, complete with RED stamp pads (keep these in mind they will come into play later). So we are all going about our business, I am working at one table with a group the rest of them are doing their respective centers. We get to the end and I walk over to the stamping center to begin putting it away, and lo and behold one of the girls was using the red stamp pad on her hair. She is running it up and down and I ask what do you think you are doing to which she replied highlighting my hair! UGH! So I get onto to her put the center away and move them to the rug for a quick story before they go to lunch. As I am reading I begin to start looking all around the room and there were several others who had used the red stamp pad on their hair as well, one little girl with a blonde pony tail that was now completely red, as well as most of her white shirt and even a boy who had done the top of his head! OH people I was mortified! Who would've thought?

Fast forward to this week, I am in the same class, we are making a Mr. & Mrs. Valentine craft and what does one girl do, she cuts her hair! Now mind you this girl has had headful and I mean headful of blonde curly hair, and most likely her parents would not even miss the piece she cut off, but still she got in big trouble from me on that one. 

I had one little girl try to choke another, I had a little boy that would not sit still or shut up no matter how many times I asked! It rained all day so we couldn't send them outside and they were going stir crazy and so was I!

At the end of the day though, when they gave me hugs as they rushed out the door, I decided it wouldn't be a horrible way to spend my career life! That is if my husband ever finishes his stupid doctorate so I can go back to school!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Work on your Delivery, Dude!

Okay, last night they had this big drawing at Bruce's school. You pay $20 for a ticket and you can go and eat a meal, and then you are entered into this drawing where you can win all kinds of different things like gift certificates, guns(only in Oklahoma can you enter a contest and walk out the door with a firearm), just misc stuff that they get donated but the grand prize is this Bad Boy Buggy thing, (think John Deere Gator). Bruce was in Tulsa yesterday taking his principal's test, so he didn't get home until late, so we couldn't go. 

Well, about 8:30 I hear his phone ringing, and he goes to get it but misses the call. It was from one of the coaches at the school who was running the contest, so Bruce checks his messages, and I was like put it on speaker phone, I bet since we weren't there we won the dang thing (we sat thru the whole thing last year and won NOTHING!). So on the messages, we hear the coach go Uh Mr. Gillham I don't know if anyone has contacted you yet about the drawing tonight but you were the winner, at this point we start yelling, WE WON, WE WON, and the kids are all looking at us like we are nuts asking what we have won and then we hear gift certificate, and I tell Bruce maybe we better listen again. Well, we won alright a $20 gift certificate to Warehouse Willie's (local resturaunt, where we might can both eat a burger for $20) and a one night stay at Long Lake Resort.  Now Long Lake Resort sounds like this really exotic locale right, nope it is a small lake about 15 mins from our house! So, my advice to coach work on your delivery dude, we weren't THE winner we were A winner! At least we won something and our $40 wasn't wasted like last year, but I sure wanted that buggy!