Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday School Discussion

UGH! I hate politics. I rarely talk politics, and I hate when other people do. The topic of discussion today in our Sunday School class turned to the upcoming election. It is hard being a liberal Christian in a room full of conservative ones. I am sick of politicians using people's faith to win their vote. I am sick of being told what I want to hear only to see no action to back it up. Most of the people I go to church will vote on the abortion issue alone if they are pro-choice then forget it. Here's my issue with that, if I really thought that John McCain would go in there guns blazing and take on the abortion issue I might just vote for him. The thing is he is not going to do that nor is any elected official ever going to do that! I don't even know if that is the right thing to do. I mean to me it is a moral issue. For me abortion would never, ever be a choice no matter what the circumstances, but just because that is my belief does that mean I have to force that belief on everyone else. So in that way Obama's beliefs align with mine. He has said publicly that while he does not personally believe in abortion he does not believe it is his right to force that belief on everyone else. Just like you can't say the only religious affiliation you can have is Baptist.

Oh and then they want to look at John McCain as a pillar of morality?!? The man that cheated on his wife and then left her for the new wife? Or the man that has been married to the same woman for 19 years?

Anyway I guess you can figure out who I will be voting for?!? Although I hope no one in my Sunday School class reads this they may kick me out! I am just so tired of feeling like I am not a good Christian because I won't vote the Republican ticket, but when the Republicans quit letting rich, pampered, out of touch with middle class society (of which I am a member), white men on ticket then we will talk. When they quit telling me one thing and doing another then we can talk. When they quit making the rich richer and the poor poorer then we will talk. When they find someone who knows exactly what kind of car they drive and how many houses they own then we can talk. When they put someone on their ticket that might actually stand for something other than looking out for their own best interest, then we can talk. Until then, I will be voting democrat, not that it will matter in my state, but whatever, I am over it just completely over it!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Guess what I got at doctor's office yesterday?

A lovely stomach bug! UGH! I am having the worst luck right now! I woke up early this morning hitting the bathroom. Now there is something you need to know about me, I don't throw up, I will literally make myself miserable to keep from throwing up. So, I hate stomach bugs!! Anyway I have been successful in my attempt not to throw up, but what doesn't come out one end, well you get the picture!

This is the kicker though, today is Meg's birthday, and they had the day off from school and we had all these grand plans about what we were going to do. Bake and decorate a cake, and just have a fun day. So we had all these plans and I couldn't manage to stay ot of the bathroom or get out of the bed! I am feeling a bit better tonight, but my stomach is still a bit unpredictable! I feel like I have ruined Meg's birthday, plus Alex was supposed to have a friend over as well. So they were both none too happy with me!

Anyway, I will have to vent about my doctor's appointment another day! Let's just say I had a 3 hour wait to have my staples removed. Not a happy camper!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Icing on the Cake!

You know what goes well with just having gall bladder surgery?!? CRAMPS! UGH! One of these years I am going to get better at planning things! Anyway I am doing much better. I get the staples out on Thursday, can't wait for that! Meg's birthday is Friday, I can't believe my baby girl is going to be six!! This is followed by Cooper's birthday next Monday. My baby will be 3! Every other time I have had a 3 year old I have either been pregnant or had a newborn! That won't be happening this time!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Oh man I feel like I have done 1000 sit-ups with out the benefit of a tight tummy! Plus my throat is horribly sore, I am assuming from the tube that was shoved down my throat. Anyone have any ideas on how to help that? Anyway other than that I am doing well, moving around albeit a bit slow. I am fixing to go take a nice warm shower finally! YEAH! Thanks for the good thoughts and prayers.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Surgery In the Morning

I have to be there to check in at 8:30. No telling when I will get to come home, but hopefully it won't take all day long, but I am not naive to the way hospitals work. Anyway prayers would be much appreciated!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

My House Is Clean!

We finished everything up today, even the girl's room, and my mom came and shampooed my carpets. I didn't tackle Bruce's office. I am hoping he does it next week sometime. But I am okay with it being a mess. I can have my surgery in peace now! LOL

Friday, October 10, 2008

Book Review-Twilight

Yea, so I caved to public opinion and finally read this. I am so glad I did because it was really good. I enjoyed it much more than what I thought I would. I really liked the characters, it had a good plot, and I love that there are sequels! I am already reading the 2nd one. It is geared to young adults and is very much written that way, but still very enjoyable. Plus there is a movie coming out in November,and I am one of those that has to read the book before I see that movie, so I am way ahead of the game on this one. Also the main character Edward is being played by the hottie who was Cedric Diggory in the Harry Potter movies, extra points there! Anyway just sharing, it was a fun read not life changing or anything, but a good waste of time!


We had pictures made last weekend, and the lady that took them got some really good ones. You can take a peek at them at

password: photos

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I Kicked Butt Today!

I really got a lot accomplished today. YEAH ME! I am going back to a list tomorrow, even though I did better without one, LOL.

Tomorrow's List
Kid's Bathroom
Clean sink, tub, mirror, and toilet-DONE

Cooper's Room
Pick up
Organize closet
Wash sheets

Mop Entry Way-DONE

General Clean up of entire house-DONE
Vacuum MB, Living Room, and Dining Room AGAIN!-DONE

General Pickup
Dust stuff in there
Mop, UGH!

Wash the girl's winter coats and mine and Bruce's while my laundry is all caught up!


Okay I am forgoing my list...

I just can't be a list follower today, I am in a rather rebellious mood, so if I have to clean it will not be dictated by a list! So there!

This what I have done today
Laundry is caught up with the exception of what everyone wore today.
picked up what my kids messed up last night
made my bed
cleaned my stove top that was NASTY (I have a ceramic which I love, love, love, because even when it gets nasty it cleans beautifully!)
Lit some candles(Hey my house may be a wreck but by golly it is going to smell nice.)
Unloaded and Loaded the dishwasher twice ( I loathe this and usually make Bruce do it, but he didn't last night and I can't clean on the kitchen with dishes in the sink.)
Cleaned the bar
Cleaned counter tops
Mopped Kitchen
Contemplated hanging pictures, decided to wait because Bruce is more precise than I am. Bruce got those hung for me tonight.
Bruce moved the boxes upstairs, I never went through them. I will later when I am not rushed.
Vacuumed master bed room, living room and dining room. Did living and dining room twice.
Played on the internet a lot.
Blogged several times
Made microwave pancakes for Cooper's breakfast
Microwaved popcorn for his snack (don't get between me and my microwave!)
Made Cooper some soup for lunch. (Opened can, used microwave, what did we do before microwaves?)
Cooked Dinner
Checked 50 million times for an email from the lady that took our pictures this weekend because I am anxious to see them.
Got Cooper to poop on the potty.
Watched him run around the house totally au naterale because I was too exhausted to stop him!

Look at that list and it is only noon! I may have a productive day yet! Updated at 7 o'clock, when I finally sat down!

My Big YEAH for the week!

Okay as I mentioned in an earlier post, I had gotten 2 separate bills for my surgery one from that surgeon and one from the hospital that totaled $800. UGH! I was so upset about this because they made it sound like they would not do the surgery unless this was paid up front! So, while I was doing my blood work yesterday I decided to tackle this issue. I went to the surgeon's office first. They had no clue how much I owed. I was like then why did you send me a bill?!? Anyway I go back into the office of the finance manager. She says I have contacted your insurance and because you are closer to meeting your deductible they are paying more on your services, so if you will just pay me $150 now then we will be square. WTHeck that is half of the original. I was afraid she would change her mind so I quickly wrote her the check and was on my way to deal with the hospital! So, I ask the hospital to do the same thing, which they did and also cut their bill in HALF! I had to pay them $234. Which was a lot better than the $400 and something they originally asked for! I am sure I will still get a bill from the anesthesiologist and such, but I think I am pretty square with them all at this point! WHEW! It is still a lot of money, but not as much at what it was at first. So that was a huge unexpected blessing! Oh and get this, they all looked at me like I was nuts for wanting to pay in adavance! I was like then why the heck did you send me a bill?!?! People are nuts!

Blah, let's not talk about yesterday!

I got nothing done cleaning wise. Yesterday took way longer than expected, then I indulged in a little retail therapy! I got Meg some cute shirts at Kohls on clearance! YEA ME! Okay so we are just going to pretend that today is is Day Three of cleaning. I will update what I get done today.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Cleaning Day Three

Okay I was a little optimistic today, I did manage to get almost all the things on my list done, and even some things that weren't on the the list. Like painting some spots in the living room that we had spackled over and never painted. And as a bonus I only have two loads of laundry and I am caught up.

Okay tomorrow I have to go and have blood work done for the surgery next week, and fight with the billing department because they want $800 up front! UP FRONT and I have insurance just imagine what it would be if I didn't! UGH! Anyway the point of that is that it is going to be a short day.

The list
Finish what was left over on yesterday's list
Finish what is left of laundry
Hang the family photos on the wall that have been hidden in a drawer for the last 6 mos!
Clean kid's bathrooom

Monday, October 6, 2008

Cleaning Day Two!

Okay here is tomorrow's list, since I did so well today! LOL

Living Room-
Go through the boxes and see what can go in attic and what need to be thrown away.
Dust TV Stand, TV, Buffet, and things on wall-DONE
Clean the spots my lovely son put on my curtains-DONE
General Pickup-DONE
Cob webs
Clean Fan

Dining Room
General Pick Up-DONE but then we ate dinner and it was pretty much for naught!
Clean Table-See ABOVE
Clean Bar-DONE
Cob Webs
Clean light fixture
Dust things on Wall and corner shelf

At least 4 loads of laundry I have done way more the four in fact I am just about caught up. Good way to procrastinate my other cleaning.
I also need to go grocery shopping, YUCK!

Remember the Be Kool Patch!

Yea well, the boy loves them too. He loves them so much that he found the package that I had hidden from him and proceeded to open everyone of them! Rendering them utterly useless! Thank goodness they weren't horribly expensive, but it was still 3 bucks flushed down the toilet, well not literally but you know what I mean. He told me but mommy I had a feber! UGH!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Help a girl out!

Okay I have a little over a week to get my house in order before I have my gall bladder surgery. So what I am going to do each day is post a list of things to get done for that day, and then I will blog about what I finished each night. Your mission should you choose to accept is to keep me on task and make sure I am getting my list done especially if I don't blog about it, LOL!

Master Bath
Clean tub, toilet, sink,and mirror-DONE
Move dirty clothes to laundry room and sort.-DONE
Mop bathroom floor-DONE

Master Bedroom
Wash sheets-DONE
General pick up-DONE
Dust nightstands, wipe off things hanging on wall-DONE
Knock down cob webs and such-DONE

Fold the MOUNTAIN of clean Laundry!(No really it was literally a mountain!) -DONE
Because I have worked so hard today go out to dinner with my friend Melody and leave Bruce home with the kids! - Taking shower now! LOL

Bruce's List (Hey you didn't think I would do all this on my own did you?!?)
Take suitcases to attic storage
Load Dishwasher
Check Vacuum to make sure it is working properly (I am pretty sure I have something stuck in there)