Monday, December 21, 2009

Weekend In Review...

Here's a little weekend in review or week in review, since I am going to start about Wednesday. Get comfortable this could get lengthy!

Wednesday night was our last Wednesday night of play practice before dress rehearsal on Saturday and the big performance on Sunday. First of all kids the last few days before Christmas break, pretty much uncontrollable, just so you know. I get them settled and we get through one song out of like 8, and Cooper's teacher brings him to me and tells me he puked. Of all things motherhood entails puke is my least, least favorite! ICK! So, I have to stop practice and take home a puking kid. Who proceeded to puke all the way home! I get him home cleaned off and in bed. He puked several more times! At my house my husband usually deals with the puke, one of the many reasons I love him, but alas he was working a stinking ball game. So, I solider through until he gets home. Then he is on puke detail. The saddest part of all of this is he was too sick to go to school and had to miss his first school play and party! :( The first thing he said to me after he puked was "Mama now I don't get to be the donkey!" Broke my heart!
Seemed to be a short lived bug, he was better by Thursday afternoon.

Friday, my loving husband was going to take me on a date, but guess what he has, the stomach bug! BOO! My mom goes shopping with me Bruce's parents keep the kids. Bruce makes it through the bug without puking one time! I hate him, you will see why in the next paragraph!

Saturday morning we have basketball, Meg is too cute, doesn't have a clue but has a great time playing! I start feeling a bit icky, figure it is from not eating breakfast. I have to take a gift to send to a party via the grandparents, meet them at Wal-Mart to do the hand off. Then go and get Subway for the family. Go home and have lunch. Make cookies for dress rehearsal, feeling a bit more icky. Take some nausea meds and feel a bit better. Head to play practice early to set up mics. Kids arrive we start practice, not feeling so hot, we get to the end of it, I send them to fellowship hall for dinner, and then proceed to head to the parking lot where I puke my guts out for about five minutes! I head home to change with the intention of going back but there was no way! Spent some time getting to know the toilet, thus the reason I am not so fond of my husband. I am usually not a puker, I can usually talke myself out of it, but oh my there was not stopping this! It was horrid but short lived! Thank God! My mom kept the kids at her house, where Meg got sick in the middle of the night, but this kid is resilent, because by the next morning she is fine. Her mother on the other hand looks like death warmed over! We took Sunday morning off from church, praying that Alex does not get sick, because she has one of the main parts in the play. Everyone stays well, we head to church. I am still not 100% but am at least functioning.

Sunday night the kid's give the best performance of the play ever! It was so awesome they did such a wonderful job! I was so proud!

Things learned 1. I hate dealing with puke mine or others! 2. My husband in this reguard is tougher than me (I birthed a 10lbs 1 oz baby with nothing more than a shot of nubain and some phengren, but this stomach bug kicked my butt!)3. Bad dress rehearsal= awesome performance so don't sweat it. 4. I have had my fill of stomach bugs for the year, thank you, oh and since this year is almost done, I have had my fill for next year too!


amykat said...

I totally laughed the whole time I was reading this...and I felt like I was watchy a comedy!
Have a MERRY Christmas, Robyn!!

I am so thankful we have re-connected (on blogs, how ironic!). I hope we continue to encourage each other....!

Robyn said...

I am glad it gave you a laugh, it is pretty funny now after the fact! You guys have a wonderful Christmas too!

I am glad for the reconnection as well, but hey we know who has the master plan! He knew I needed you!

Anonymous said...

OH my I am sorry but glad the play went well