Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Book Review-Dewey-The Small Town Library Cat that Touched the World

I so was not going to read this book. I got it in a box of a bunch of other books that I won on a drawing from So I have had this book forever and it just sat there staring at me from the nightstand, literally staring cause there is a cute picture of Dewey the Cat on the front. We have been iced in for the last few days which makes for lots of reading time for me. I was also out of points on my Book Mooch account and I noticed that this book was on several wishlists, so I knew I could get a quick point out of it. I picked it up yesterday and let me tell you (this coming from a non aninimal person) was such a well-written, heart warming, touching, and endearing read. I so enjoyed it tears (yes there were tears) and all start to finish.

The book is about a cat named Dewey that was abandoned in the drop box of the library in the small town of Spencer, Iowa. The cat was rescued by the head libririan there and adopted not just by the library but by the whole town. While this book was about Dewey it was about so much more, he was the common thread woven throughout the story,but it was also about small town life and family and the bonds we all make not just with the people in our life but with the animals as well. The book will make you laugh, reminicse, and most likely cry but so worth the read.It was adorable.


Tasha said...

I may have to read this book now! I have been avoiding it since I am a dog person instead of a cat person, but your review makes me want to read it.

Robyn said...

I neither a cat or a dog person, and I tell you it was really, really good! I was surprised I like it. Plus I put it on book mooch and it was gone in like 5 mins!

Anonymous said...

I might have to read it. I am not a cat person at all but it sounds really good. Of course I have a long lost of things I want to read at the moment. But hey what's one more right.