Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2nd Chance- James Patterson

I am really digging Patterson right now. His books are entertaining and a quick read. Albeit he can be a bit on the gory side from time to time. I like his characters. I like that they are women and bad asses. He keeps you guessing on the plot end of things and several times when I thought I had it all figured out he changed it. I will be picking up the 3rd one as soon as I have some Book Mooch points! If you like a good murder mystery, I would definitely check him out.

I am sorry I waited so long to read him, because of my silly bias against men writers. That right I am a novel sexist. I like my novels to be written by the female persuasion. My guess is though that Patterson's wife has some input in his women characters, I am just sayin'.


Tasha said...

There is an awesome book by him, "Letters to Nicholas". It's a romance and was very good. I've never read his mystery/suspense books because I get scared. Yes, I am a wuss.