Thursday, May 21, 2009

Can you say RANDOM!

Cause that is what this post is. A post of complete and utter randomness! First off it is almost the last day of school. That always makes me kind of sad! I always take a picture of the kids on the first day and then the last day of school and I am always amazed by how much they have changed and grown over the year. Meg will complete Kindergarten and begin 1st grade next year. 1st grade seems so grown up and I am just not quite ready for that yet! She has done well this year and is for the most part such a sweetheart! I just can't believe my baby girl is finishing kindergarten.

Alex will finish up 3rd grade, 3rd grade people! Which means she will begin 4th grade next year and the even scarier part of this is the fact that she only has 2 years left at the elementary school! I am so not ready for that! I am pretty sure she is fixing to go through some major changes, you women know what I mean and I am so not ready and ill equipped for that! Oh my! the wonder that is raising a girl! She has done well this year, had a little bit of issue of her and another girl trying to reenact their own version of Mean Girls on the playground, but other than that she has done well both socially and academically.

The hardest thing for me is that baby boy, well he will go to Preschool next year. It is only 2 days a week, but to think that my little boy, who it seems just got here is already ready for school, well that is just unreal to me. He is so excited! Just hope he is a good boy!

Let's see what else can I ramble about. Oh, there may be some big changes for me. I am thinking about going back to school. I was never going to be a permanent stay at home mommy, and with Cooper going to school next year and then in school full time the next it is time for me to get ready to enter the work force. I have also decided to depart from my original major which was Secondary English Education and I am going to get my degree in Elementary Education. All the substituting I have done this year has just made me realize that that is where I am meant to be. I know why I struggled all those years I was going to school, it was just not what I was meant to do. I think I would been an okay English teacher but I think I can be a really good elementary teacher. I am excited and nervous about the prospect, but I know it is time. I have also decided that when I finally finish my degree I will immediately will begin my Master's in Administration, yep I think I want to be a Principal down the line. So, there are my life aspirations! It seems really daunting all typed out, LOL!

Let's see Bruce is in the process of trying to find a job in administration. So keep him in your thoughts, he has had a really bad year. He has learned that it is really hard to go home again. (He is teaching in the school district he graduated from.) So, even though he is sad about having to leave, he knows it is time to move on. I just pray that he can find something!

Also we got some sad news about my grandmother. She has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Not sure how I feel about this yet, I still try not to think about it too much. Sadly over the years I have grown apart from her because of some things, I still love her dearly there are just some hard feelings over some things. I am trying really hard to get over that because I don't want that to get in the way of what time we have left with her in good health. But man it is hard! Health wise she is in excellent shape, her short term memory is just gone. They were over for mother's day and she opened gifts and as soon as she finished opening she had forgotten who got her what. I guess up until then I had pretended there wasn't much wrong, you can't ignore those facts though.

Let's see what else. We are trying to finalize vacation plans for this year. We aren't going far, because the Dallas trip made us realize our kids right now are not the best travelers! So we will be going somewhere fairly close. If you have any suggestions shoot them to me.

Bruce and I will also celebrate our 11th anniversary this summer. Geesh that seems like a long time and when you factor in the fact that we dated for 4 years before we got married that equals 15 years! Gosh! In just 5 years I will have lived with Bruce the same amount of time that I lived at home with my parents. CRAZY!

Last but certainly not least, how do you like the new blog?!? My friend Tina at My Own Party of 5, has totally revamped my blog for me! I love it, she did such a great job! She has her own design blog under construction as well. I can't tell you how many times this girl has helped me out, she totally takes over most of the administrative and design side of the parenting website that I co-own Laundry Can Wait. She is just an extremely talented lady as well as a really good friend. Whom I have never even met in person, and that just goes to show you can find good people and friends over the world wide web! Thank you so much Tina, you really are awesome!

Okay if you made it through all that you are a saint! I will try to keep my blogs down to 3 paragraphs from now on, or maybe I should just update more often!


Tina said...

I'm all for the updating more!
I'm right there with you on the end of 3rd grade...when the heck did our girls get to be so big?!?

Good for you going back to school! I have total faith in you...I KNOW you can do it, and be great at it!

And seriously, I'm blushing over here. Thanks so much for the kind words!

Shasta said...

Great update! My random updates always seem to get long like that too.

First of all, I just LOVE the new blog look! I added your button to my blog too! Tina is awesome!

I can't believe school is almost over either! Taj will be going into 2nd grade..and Gavin will be starting a 3 half days a week preschool, which makes me sooo nervous!

I think it is SO great that you are going to be an elem. teacher! I think you will be so great at it! After being a SAHM for so long, going back to school to be a preschool teacher for me, has just been great! It's like a whole new world has opened up, with grownups in it!! haha But seriously, the socialization & going back and learning new things again, has just been a lot of fun! Good luck with it all!