Friday, May 1, 2009

I Was Ready to Be Tested for Swine Flu...

or for the poor pork producers the H1N1 virus! We have all traded around a stomach bug this week, well and part of last week.  Bruce had to pick up Meg early last Wednesday from school as she was puking. She seemed pretty fine when she got home and for the rest of the day but then that night she puked all in my bed! I <3 it when they do that, nothing like having to wash sheets at 3 in the morning. Then I was pretty certain that everyone else was going to be okay and she was just puking because she was a bit phelmy, and she is a gagger. Then Sunday morning as I was getting ready for church I wasn't feeling too great. I couldn't miss though my mom and I were singing the special music it that morning. So I went and I didn't feel good at all through Sunday school. Then by the time church was over I felt pretty awful. I ended up on the couch at mom and dad's and didn't eat lunch. Slept on and off all day Sunday. Fast forward to about 11 o'clock Sunday and Cooper pukes all over the carpet in the living room! YUCK! Bruce cleaned that up, I <3 Bruce! I still didn't feel good Monday and neither did Cooper we spent the day on the couch, him on one end and me on the other. I still wasn't feeling the greatest Tuesday, still was icky on Wednesday, but we all went to church. Fast forward to early morning Thursday, Alex comes and tells me she just threw up in the bathroom. Whew I thought at least she made it the bathroom. I put her in bed with Bruce, and I went and slept on the couch. When I got up Thursday morning I got the most unpleasant surprise. Alex had mad it to the bathroom but totally missed and puked all over the toilet and bathroom floor! What is worse than cleaning up puke at 3 in the morning? Cleaning up  puke that has sat there since 3 in the morning! BLEH!  I gagged a few times and that was the closest I came to throwing up during this whole ordeal! Bruce wasn't feeling too hot last night but he went to work today. I hope we are all over this thing! My stomach is still not up to par, but I feel better. Alex really didn't want to go today but I made her, cause I am mean like that. I am all filled up on my cleaning puke quota for the year though, so I would appreciate it if from now on this little gems would just  pass my family on by, thank you very much!


Tina said...

Yuck! I hope you're all feeling 100% soon!

luckeelady said...

My little girl was sick at the end of last week. She had a fever of almost 104 and was puking. I too was concerned she might have some flu virus and wanted to get her tested but they said they couldn't do anything for it and told me to keep giving her fluids and called in an antiemetic medicine Zofran. They just said there was a viral thing going around and everyone is blowing the whole swine flu out of proportion. I'm just glad I didn't get it because I'm pregnant and wanted to avoid any complications.

Hope you and yours are doing better now!