Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Just When I Think...

he has the school thing all figured out, BAM he socks me in the gut! When I picked up Cooper yesterday he was sitting in time out. I was then informed by the teacher that he had bit another kid. Bit him! I can count on one hand the times he has bitten one of his sisters, so this is not like something he does frequently. I was floored! I just have a feeling this is what it is going to be like all the time with him, always something!! UGH! We talked about how you aren't supposed to bite people and he did get a spanking. He promised he would never do it again. He better not that is all I have to say


amykat said...

Robyn! I know it wasn't funny at the time, but I just had to laugh reading your post!
How old is he?
Luke has (to my knowledge) never bitten anyone...but he has been bitten!
As one mommy to another - just know that "this too shall pass"

Tasha said...

Oh Robyn! I'm sorry he's always keeping you on your toes. I did have to giggle when I read your post though- he's just a normal kid. Enjoy these moments. It will be a funny story to tell his prom date someday!

Tina said...

I can just about guarantee it's something he's picked up from another kid at school. Especially if he's never done it at home!

Hope he's learned his lesson and won't bite again...It only took Eli once of getting in trouble to realize he didn't want to do that again!

Robyn said...

Thanks guys! I told him yesterday I was going to take him to school and let the little boy bite him! He didn't think that was such a good idea! Here's hoping it is a one time occurrence! He is four BTW!