Sunday, November 16, 2008

Book Review- Tha Last Lecture

Okay first a warning about this book it is a 5 hankie book, unless you are completely cold hearted and devoid of emotion this book will make you cry. It will also make you reflect, appreciate what you have, take a long look at your life, and laugh out LOUD over and over again.

This book was written by Randy Pausch who was a computer science professor at Carnegie Melon University. They had a lecture series at the university that they called the Last Lecture, which professors were asked what knowledge they would impart to their students if they were giving their LAST lecture. The thing is for Randy Pausch it would be his last lecture as he had recently found out the he had terminal pancreatic cancer. I was so moved by this book. I laughed, I cried, and I laughed some more. The man was a born story teller and you see that in the book. I was moved by his courage, his love for his wife and three small children, plus he was pretty smart guy. I loved reading about all of the childhood dreams he was able to accomplish and even the ones that didn't quite turn out the way he expected.

In one part of the book he wrote about the scene from the Natural, where the ball player battered and wounded steps up to plate and knocks one out of the park. I couldn't help but find a striking similarity between him and Pausch, there he stood a defeated man, he knew what his destination was and that it was quickly approaching, and yet he faced it head on with dignity, heart, selflessness, and most importantly humor. Quite frankly Mr. Pausch you hit one out of the park!

Even if you don't read the book you can watch the lecture


Tasha said...

I really want to read this book! I bet I would cry so much it would be rediculous. And you should try bare minerals makeup... just get the powder foundation. It's really all you need. It lasts a long time too so it's worth the money.

Robyn said...

OH girl I did the UGLY cry! It is a really good book though!