Thursday, October 9, 2008

Okay I am forgoing my list...

I just can't be a list follower today, I am in a rather rebellious mood, so if I have to clean it will not be dictated by a list! So there!

This what I have done today
Laundry is caught up with the exception of what everyone wore today.
picked up what my kids messed up last night
made my bed
cleaned my stove top that was NASTY (I have a ceramic which I love, love, love, because even when it gets nasty it cleans beautifully!)
Lit some candles(Hey my house may be a wreck but by golly it is going to smell nice.)
Unloaded and Loaded the dishwasher twice ( I loathe this and usually make Bruce do it, but he didn't last night and I can't clean on the kitchen with dishes in the sink.)
Cleaned the bar
Cleaned counter tops
Mopped Kitchen
Contemplated hanging pictures, decided to wait because Bruce is more precise than I am. Bruce got those hung for me tonight.
Bruce moved the boxes upstairs, I never went through them. I will later when I am not rushed.
Vacuumed master bed room, living room and dining room. Did living and dining room twice.
Played on the internet a lot.
Blogged several times
Made microwave pancakes for Cooper's breakfast
Microwaved popcorn for his snack (don't get between me and my microwave!)
Made Cooper some soup for lunch. (Opened can, used microwave, what did we do before microwaves?)
Cooked Dinner
Checked 50 million times for an email from the lady that took our pictures this weekend because I am anxious to see them.
Got Cooper to poop on the potty.
Watched him run around the house totally au naterale because I was too exhausted to stop him!

Look at that list and it is only noon! I may have a productive day yet! Updated at 7 o'clock, when I finally sat down!