Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Cleaning Day Three

Okay I was a little optimistic today, I did manage to get almost all the things on my list done, and even some things that weren't on the the list. Like painting some spots in the living room that we had spackled over and never painted. And as a bonus I only have two loads of laundry and I am caught up.

Okay tomorrow I have to go and have blood work done for the surgery next week, and fight with the billing department because they want $800 up front! UP FRONT and I have insurance just imagine what it would be if I didn't! UGH! Anyway the point of that is that it is going to be a short day.

The list
Finish what was left over on yesterday's list
Finish what is left of laundry
Hang the family photos on the wall that have been hidden in a drawer for the last 6 mos!
Clean kid's bathrooom


Tasha K. said...

Wow! $800 up front?!? Ouch. Maybe you could get them to take a kidney as payment while they're removing the gal bladder.

Tasha K. said...

P.S. I really, really, really like the first set of curtains :-)

Now I need to figure out what to do with the door. I'll probably just leave the mini-blinds on it. Will that look ok?

Julie said...

$800?! Stupid hospitals!!
Sounds like you've gotten a TON done in the last few days!... wanna come do mine next, my beautiful friend? :D Pwease?!

Robyn said...

If I get to spend time with you, then you bet!!! Then I am going to Tasha's to help hang curtains! LOL