Thursday, October 9, 2008

My Big YEAH for the week!

Okay as I mentioned in an earlier post, I had gotten 2 separate bills for my surgery one from that surgeon and one from the hospital that totaled $800. UGH! I was so upset about this because they made it sound like they would not do the surgery unless this was paid up front! So, while I was doing my blood work yesterday I decided to tackle this issue. I went to the surgeon's office first. They had no clue how much I owed. I was like then why did you send me a bill?!? Anyway I go back into the office of the finance manager. She says I have contacted your insurance and because you are closer to meeting your deductible they are paying more on your services, so if you will just pay me $150 now then we will be square. WTHeck that is half of the original. I was afraid she would change her mind so I quickly wrote her the check and was on my way to deal with the hospital! So, I ask the hospital to do the same thing, which they did and also cut their bill in HALF! I had to pay them $234. Which was a lot better than the $400 and something they originally asked for! I am sure I will still get a bill from the anesthesiologist and such, but I think I am pretty square with them all at this point! WHEW! It is still a lot of money, but not as much at what it was at first. So that was a huge unexpected blessing! Oh and get this, they all looked at me like I was nuts for wanting to pay in adavance! I was like then why the heck did you send me a bill?!?! People are nuts!


Tasha K. said...

Yay for reduced medical bills!!!