Thursday, August 14, 2008

First Day of School

It is official, I am the mom of a Kindergartener and and Third grader. Geesh where did the time go? Heck for that matter where did the summer go? It is a blur of t-ball, bible school, fights, annoying cartoons, and houseful of kids, all of which somehow are mine! It is just me and Cooper here today, and it is really quiet! I miss my girls already. I was so proud of them this morning Alex looked so grown up and I can't believe she has been on this earth for 9 years and yet I can't remember my life before she was in it. She was my learning curve child, the one you overprotect and make mistakes on, but I have to say she is a pretty awesome kid. She is smart, witty, beautiful, and she has such a good heart, and is so focused on doing the right thing that even though it annoys me at times makes me immensely proud. Academically she does well, and for the most part it comes easy to her, except math she takes after her mom there. I am mathematically challenged just ask any of my former math teachers!

Meg my independent child! Oh gosh she looked so cute in her new little glasses with her backpack! She was so excited to start kindergarten and see all her friends. The social aspect of school Meg has down pat, she is friendly and funny and kids really like to be around her. She stuggles a bit with the academic part, it just doesn't come as easily to her as it does to Alex, and I pray that part of that is because she couldn't see well. Now that we have her glasses I hope that part of school improves for her. Oh Meggy she is gonna be a cracker jack I tell you. She is so funny and at least once a day makes me laugh and not just a giggle but full fledged laugh out loud and then I think where does she come up with this stuff. She is also insightful and intuitive and she adds so much to our family. I am extremely proud of her as well.

So it is just me and Cooper here, working on the potty training, counting down the time until the girls get home, so I can see how the first day went. Trying to remember ever bit of it, because just like summer their school years will be over all too fast, and my house will be empty and I will be sitting here thinking where did the time go, seems like only yesterday they were in kindergarten. SIGH


Alaskaninthesouth said...

*hugs* to Momma...T goes back the 25th, it's always sad to see how much they've grown up when you take that picture on the first day!

Tasha K. said...

I can't believe your girls are in school. That's just nuts. They sound like such good kids and you should be very proud of those parenting skills! Is your mom still teaching? Are they going to Poteau or Cameron?

Robyn said...

Yep mom is still teaching 2nd grade. The girls go to Poteau, no way would I send them to Cameron. LOL