Friday, August 8, 2008

My Daddy Has a Big Penis!

Oh geesh am I ever sorry that I taught my 2 year the correct vernacular for that particular body part! I was trying to be progressive and unprudish in my thinking so when he asked what it was I told him it was his penis, thinking there would be no way that he could say it for one thing. To which with glee he replied penis, penis, penis about a hundred times!! As if that all was not bad enough, the other day he begins to tell me that he has a wittle penis but daddy has a big penis! OH my word I about bust a gut at that one! I was gonna just keep that our little secret, because although I was mortified at what he was saying I was pretty stoked that at 2 he got the concept of big and little. Anyway I digress, about 2 days after this incident he went on all to tell his daddy his newfound concept, "Daddy I have a wittle penis but daddy has a big penis!" Bruce smiled for days after that! LOL It was a total that's my boy moment for him! LOL They bonded for sure. Anyway going back now I wish I would have just called it a winkie because penis isn't gonna sound all that forward thinking when he yells it out during Sunday school or the middle of Wal-Mart! Yep, winkie it is.


Amber said...

Oh my. LOL.

I taught my kids proper terminology, too, but I haven't had an embarrassing incident yet. Knock on wood.

BTW--I tagged you on my blog. Go check it out :-P

Tasha K. said...

This is the funniest thing I've read in a long time! I bet Bruce paid him to say that! ROFL!!!!