Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I finally finished A Million Little Pieces today! I am glad I plugged through, although the epilogues at the very end were a bit of a downer! You know where they tell how everyone ended up and where they are now, of course with James Fray who knows if he was telling the truth or not. Which brings me to my next point, I have a bone to pick with Oprah! I mean we are talking about a highly, highly intelligent and educated woman. I mean girl has been around the block a few times, and I find it so hard to believe that she didn't throw up her BS flag on that whole book! Even I was sitting in some parts going "there is no way that that happened",and I am not nearly as intelligent or educated as she is.

That being said, I do think for the most part that he was truthful. I do believe he embellished some parts of the story, but who in telling a story doesn't do that to make it more entertaining? I certainly don't think he deserved the public flogging he received at the hands of the Big O! Of course he could have cleared all it up with a little tag line that said BASED on actual events! Anyway count me on team Fray though, because he really laid himself out there in the book and gave a horrifying glimpse at the life of an addict, and a hard core addict at that.

I am disappointed that I took so long to read it, but I am so glad that I did because I did end up enjoying it, and when I can I will be picking up his other book My Friend Leonard. ( But I will do it when I don't have 2o other books I would rather be reading!)


Tasha K. said...

I will have to put this one on my "to read" list. I really have a problem being sympathetic to people with addictions, so maybe this book would help me understand the psychological make up of someone who ends up as a drug abuser.

I just wonder what kind of person tells themself "maybe I will smoke crack today". I just don't understand how someone even tries that stuff to begin with?!?

After reading your review, I'm totally curious about the book now :-)