Saturday, August 9, 2008

My Best Friend Had a Baby!

My friend Sara, who has been my friend since those awkward years of high school you know when you are a freshman, anyway I have known her a long time. She had a baby boy this week! Oh gosh, I had forgotten how much I love the lovely tininess of a new baby. I took her and her family dinner Friday night because as any mom knows the last thing you want to do after birthing a human is cook dinner. Again I digress, but I got to hold him and snuggle him and smell him and talk to him and he stared and me and yeah I know he can't see me yet but I really think we bonded. He was so cute and tiny and cuddly and for a minute there I began to think oh man I want one of these, no I need one of these, I must have one of these!!! I mean seriously people I was one millisecond away from sneaking out the front door with him, and leaving her my 2 year old. I mean that would be a pretty even swap right?!? Then he began to cry and I began to bounce, then he began to cry louder, and I bounced more and tried to soothe him, and he cried louder and then I began to panic, and I bounced more, and he cried louder, and then he spit up, and then I gave him back to his mother. Then I remembered exactly why I am not so keen on going back to those sleepless nights of crying for no reason. I mean in my house only I get to do that! Anyway he was lovely and I will love getting to hold him some more, but I love even more that I get to go home and have a peaceful nights sleep, that is if I can keep my two year out of my bed for the night!