Thursday, March 12, 2009

Book Review~ A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving

I finally finished this book, don't know why it took so long. Either I have been busier than normal or this was just one of those books that took longer to finish. This was the first book I have read by John Irving although he has written several. This book is the book the movie Simon Birch was based on, I loved the movie BTW, but if you like your book and movie to follow closely then you will be disappointed with this one. It really is almost like two different stories with the exact same characters.

Now on to my review, while I was reading this book I wasn't liking it not sure if was writing style or what. Mr. Irving is BIG on description which for the most part I don't disagree with, but this at times was a little too much for my taste. That being said after finishing the book, I loved it, even all the description because in the end you get the reason it all had to be in there. Irving is a gifted storyteller with excellent characters. He is funny and witty to point I laughed out loud in several instances, but he is touching and intelligent in all the right places.  This book touches on faith, predestination, childhood, lasting and touching friendships, what makes a real family, and every thing in between. I am so glad I stuck it out, it ended up being a joy! 


Tasha said...

I've picked this book up several times at the book store but now I need to put it on my "to read" list after your review. It's taking me forever to get through A Tree Grows in Brooklyn." It's so good but it's really emotionally taxing to read. I read a few pages and have to step away from it for a few days. That being said, I think it will be in my top 5 list of favorite books when I finally finish it.