Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Note to Jason Mesnick


For future reference your name and integrity should never be used in the same sentence, you sold your integrity for 15 minutes of fame. If you think you can even be remotely proud of your actions, you are delusional. I think the only reason you changed your mind is the fact that you came on a show to find a wife completely unprepared to make that commitment. The real reason you dumped Melissa is she was ready to become a wife and mother and you were not and neither is Molly. Crisis averted Mr. Mesnick, and what did it cost you?!? Just your integrity!

A Jilted Viewer
AKA One Mad Momma


clif said...

You just don't get it Mommy.
Jason is a player. He bedded as many of these women as would have him, at least three, and that was a risk they were willing to take. No harm no foul.
For Malissa to except a proposal from Jason at this point of their relationship was just plain stupid and shows why she ends up in poor relationship, one after the other. Unless you are incredible lucky there is little chance a person will go through life without getting crushed by the opposite sex.
That you, Mommy, bought into this farce of a show says something about your willingness to take part. Being hurt by Jason's actions puts you in a pathetic class. Get a life and spend a little more time on things that matter, not things that don't.
Take a walk in the woods, smell the flowers, and get a clue.

Tina said...

Wow...rude much clif? As someone who knows "Mommy" beyond this blog...I can tell you that she spends more than enough time on the important things in life!


Robyn said...

Hey, Cliff that you took the time to read my pathetic little blog says a lot about you as well! Just sayin'! Believe me I know what the important things in life are! It is just my opinion on the situation and unlucky for you that I am entitled to it!

Anonymous said...

Ditto To Tina. And what a life you must have to come seeking out blogs of people you don't know to leave rude comments about someone you don't know and being judgemental of a complete stranger.

As for the topic of the blog I agree with you Robyn what a jerk. I have heard a lot of rumors that it was all set up from the beginning. I can tell you The Bachelor just lost one viewer