Monday, March 2, 2009

I Do NOT <3 Jason Mesnick

Are you kidding me?!? I have not been this mad since that jerk from Deanna's season didn't pick anyone, and quite frankly I think I may be madder now than I was then.  I can not believe the outcome of this season! I think he is a jerk, how could he do that to Melissa on television? I think that is why I am so ticked! I mean could you not have called her on the phone, went to see her, anything. I mean I am sure that they had talked about things, but to wait until you are there face to face taping, please! JERK! Oh and BS that he and Molly had not talked since the taping, BS! Although she did do a pretty convincing job of being surprised. I wish she would have told him to take a hike, instead of falling all over his ignorant self. GEESH! I think she should have told him to go seek out Deanna, cause those two are cut from the same cloth! 


Anonymous said...

i remember thinking "shame on you, ABC! these are all bad eggs" when i watched deanna's season.

and now it's all confirmed!! ridiculous. what a jerk.

Tasha said...

I'm so DONE with this show after this season. What a jerk. Thank you ABC, for giving me my Monday nights back. I will do something productive with my Monday night time during all Bachelor episodes in the future. Ugh... this guy needs a good kick to the head.