Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Break

Spring Break is almost over and we haven't done squat. I always have these grand plans and we end up hanging at the house and not doing anything. I did go shopping with my friend Kyla one day but other than that we have just hung out here at the house. I wanted to take the kids to do something outside since the weather has been so nice, but of course it started raining today and is supposed to continue. BLAH! The kids are going tonight to spend the night at Bruce's parents. I think we will go out to dinner and hope for nice weather tomorrow so we can actually go and do something. I knew this break would be low key since we are going next weekend to Day Out With Thomas in Dallas, but still I would like to do something before they have to go back to school!


Tasha said...

Hope you get some good weather tomorrow for Spring Break! Shopping sounds fun! Maybe the weather will be nice enough to take the kids to the Runestone or the Queen Wilamena park. There are lots of fun things to do around you! I wanna go too!

Robyn said...

We were actually thinking about going to Queen Wilamena if we get some nice weather

SisterTipster said...

Welcome to the Party!
good to see you!