Wednesday, March 11, 2009

That Shaved about 10 Years Off My Life!

I was subbing today in first grade and the kids were out for afternoon recess and I was sitting in the room minding my own business, trying to read my A Prayer for Owen Meany book ( only been on this one for about a month, it is time to be finished!). When all of the sudden there was this loud pop, it seriously sounded like a gun shot. I had just gotten on to a couple of the boys and instantly thought OMG they are shooting at me, LOL! Turns out that one of the kids (not any from my class) threw a rock at the room I was in and shattered the window! It is a huge window and it didn't bust the glass out so it is just sitting there making this cracking noise like it is going to fall out at any minute! EEEEK! I so cannot have this particular group of kids in there with that window like that. There are some groups that could be in there all day and leave it alone but this group would be all over it! So we had to have class in the media center the rest of the afternoon. That was my excitement for the day and it scared the crap out of me and quite possibly took 10 years off my life, I am thinking of suing for mental anguish. I am pretty sure I may have a case!


Tasha said...

Wow! That would have given me a heart attack. Glad things were ok but it stinks that the window was broken. I wouldn't want to be the kid who threw that rock!

Tina said...

Holy cow! That would freak me out! Glad it was "just" a rock.