Wednesday, August 27, 2008

ER Visit, and Just Another Reason I Hate Living in a Small Town

Okay, very rarely will you hear me complain about small towns and living in them, because for the most part I love it. I love not having to worry about my kids playing outside or being snatched outside the Wal-Mart. Today though I hate living in a small town! I had to go to the ER last night, I was having some horrible upper abdominal pain, that just would not go away. I took several Tums, a warm bath, tried to sleep in the chair, on the couch, paced the floor, made Bruce rub my back when I could get him to stay awake, nothing was helping! I suffered for 3 hrs before I said I couldn't take it anymore. We call mom she comes down to watch the kids and Bruce and I head to the ER. Now, mind you there is a much bigger town about 30 mins away with 2 larger hospitals. (These aren't booming metropolises but are bigger than our town!) But I didn't think I could stand riding in the car for 30 mins because I was hurting so bad in my upper abdomen and my back.

We get there and there is no one there (benefit of a small hospital), they take down all my info and tell me to take a sit in the waiting room. I sit and was there for like 5 mins (another benefit)and they call me back. They ask my weight, bp, and ask what is going on and I tell the nurse, she takes me to room. Now ya'll I am not kidding I was in there like maybe 5 mins and in comes the dr. I was so impressed, it must have been a slow morning in the ER. He comes in pushes on my stomach a bit, that did not help! He says he thinks it could be an early onset of gall stones, so they were going to do some blood work, and give me shot for pain. Again maybe 5 mins pass, and the nurse comes in gives me a shot and takes blood. Now in between time this guy comes in with chest pain. I mean this guy was carrying on something awful! So I began to doze cause when it comes to pain meds evidently I can hold those like I hold my liquor, not at all! I am in and out dozing hoping someone comes back soon. I wait, and doze, and wait, and doze, you see the pattern. Finally he comes back says the blood work was fine, so they are sending me home with a prescription of Nexium and some pain meds, and that I should follow up with my family physician. I told him I didn't have a family physician, and he just kinda looks at me and goes okay. So, I figure he will go ahead and run the tests, ummmm nope! They finally discharge me about 9, we got there at 6! I have no idea what is wrong with me, and I am still loopy from that shot! LOL I go to get my prescription filled at the Wal-Mart and the dag gum nexium is $156 bucks, that about sent me back to the ER! UGH!

Anyway I have an appt with my OB/Gyn for an ultrasound of my gall bladder. Thank goodness he could do it. So, the moral of my story is heart attack trumps gall bladder. Remember it people, especially in a small town, with only one freakin dr in the ER!!!


Tasha K. said...

Glad you're ok but that's so scary! I hope it was just some indigestion instead of gal stones. Ugh! No pizza before bed anymore :-)

Robyn said...

I will be pretty embarrassed if was just indigestion! LOL And it was ice cream BTW, LOL!!!