Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Bachelor

Okay can I just say right now that if I was not married I would have been the stalker chick on this season of the Bachelor because I <3 Jason! That being said I pretty pleased with the final two, although I would have loved to have seen the other Mommy in there, even though even I could tell there was no chemistry there. What is up with all the drama though, bringing Deanna, I do not <3 Deanna, back, right before the big proposal? Then Chris all talking about how they are trying to protect all the parties involved? I don't get it, but I am going to keep watching because I am obsessed! I am saying right now though, if he dumps either of those girls to go back to that heartbreaker Deanna I am going to boycott the show forever! Chick got her chance now go away!!!! 


Tasha said...

DeAnna's punishment should be having to marry that snowboarding hippy that she picked. I do not heart her either.

Robyn said...

Dude, did you see his You Tube video where he was all crying over her?!? They are a match made in heaven!! Go back to Colorado Deanna! BOO, HISS!