Saturday, February 28, 2009

I am not going to say this too loud but...

Cooper pooped on the potty tonight and he has not had a accident in several days. I think we may be rounding the bend on the potty training thing, which is good because it was about to send me round the bend and not in a good way but in a send Robyn to a padded cell kinda way! So here's hoping we have it down!

Other fun things this weekend. Bruce's mother kept all three kids last night and we had a date night, nothing fancy just dinner at Chilli's because everything else was too dang crowded. We wanted Olive Garden, and figured since it was pouring rain, that it wouldn't be too crowded. When we got there at like 15 til 6 btw, people were standing outside in the rain waiting. I love me some Olive Garden but not enough to stand in the rain for who knows how long to get it. After dinner we headed to Hastings to peruse the cheap books, I got 2 new books for $3.99 and Bruce got a book. We then headed to Marable Slab, and had some wonderful ice cream. Then it was a trip to Old Navy, which sucks anymore! Then Books A Million also was equally sucky. Finally, a trip to Target and we headed home, where we picked up the boy, and the girl's spent the night with the grandparents.

Plus to top it off Cooper slept in this morning, SWEET! All in all so far a pretty sucessful weekend! My laundry is caught up but my house is wreck, we all know you can't have it all!


Shasta said...

Crossing my fingers about the potty training! With mine, once I got them pooping on the potty, we were all good! I'm sure you're jumping with joy to have them all out of diapers! I only have one more to go too, but he's nowhere near ready.

It's great that you guys had a date night and that your little man slept in! The older boys stay with my mom on a weekend night sometimes and Jonah sleeps nice!