Thursday, February 26, 2009

This is Why I Don't Cook

I really don't mind cooking in fact I even go through phases where I love to cook. Right now I am in a cooking phase. So, for tonight's dinner I am making Weeknight Cheese Quiche from the recipes at ( I triple love this site, makes finding things to cook so easy and they are written for a novice like myself and still taste yummy! I received no compensation for this advertisement BTW). So I pull up the recipe on my computer, I get everything done and I get to the part where you pour the mixture into the pie crust, so I start reading and it says prepared pie crust which up to that point I just thought meant already made, which it was, but then I started to wonder if by prepared it meant already baked! UGH, see why I don't cook, I am sure if any of you reading this are any kind of chef at all you are sitting there going DUH, she so should have know that, but I don't. So I sit here waiting for it to cook, terrified that I have ruined dinner due to my inaccurate interpretation of the recipe. This is why I don't cook! 


Tasha said...

I hear you on the not cooking thing! The meal sounds delicious so let me know if it turned out okay! Have a happy weekend!

Robyn said...

It turned out fantastic! Let me know if you want the recipe it was super easy!