Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Bachelor- Again

I just read an online spoiler about this season of the Bachelor and I can tell you right now if it happens the way this guy says it is going to, excuse my French but I am going to be PISSED! I mean ticked to the point that I honestly will not ever watch the show again, and yes I know I said that after that dirtbag made me watch the whole dang season and then gets to the end and picks NO ONE, I mean in his defense one of his choices was Deanna but still he could have picked the other girl and then dumped her like everyone else does!

If it goes down like I have read it does, and if the accusations are true, it is really beyond cruel, and that Jason would agree to it makes me sick! I mean it is really bad, I don't want to go into detail cause I know there are people who do not like to know something before it happens, and I am really hoping this is not true, because it is bad people, really, really bad! UGH! Anyway I guess we will all see on Monday night.


Tasha said...

I heard some spoiler stories about him picking Melissa and then dating Mollie behind her back and eventually breaking up with Melissa. If that is true, I will be completely disgusted with him. I hate how I get sucked into these shows, but I can't stop watching! :-)