Sunday, February 8, 2009

Work on your Delivery, Dude!

Okay, last night they had this big drawing at Bruce's school. You pay $20 for a ticket and you can go and eat a meal, and then you are entered into this drawing where you can win all kinds of different things like gift certificates, guns(only in Oklahoma can you enter a contest and walk out the door with a firearm), just misc stuff that they get donated but the grand prize is this Bad Boy Buggy thing, (think John Deere Gator). Bruce was in Tulsa yesterday taking his principal's test, so he didn't get home until late, so we couldn't go. 

Well, about 8:30 I hear his phone ringing, and he goes to get it but misses the call. It was from one of the coaches at the school who was running the contest, so Bruce checks his messages, and I was like put it on speaker phone, I bet since we weren't there we won the dang thing (we sat thru the whole thing last year and won NOTHING!). So on the messages, we hear the coach go Uh Mr. Gillham I don't know if anyone has contacted you yet about the drawing tonight but you were the winner, at this point we start yelling, WE WON, WE WON, and the kids are all looking at us like we are nuts asking what we have won and then we hear gift certificate, and I tell Bruce maybe we better listen again. Well, we won alright a $20 gift certificate to Warehouse Willie's (local resturaunt, where we might can both eat a burger for $20) and a one night stay at Long Lake Resort.  Now Long Lake Resort sounds like this really exotic locale right, nope it is a small lake about 15 mins from our house! So, my advice to coach work on your delivery dude, we weren't THE winner we were A winner! At least we won something and our $40 wasn't wasted like last year, but I sure wanted that buggy!


Anonymous said...

Aww man he got your hopes up. What a bummer. But like you said atleast you won SOMETHING. Esp. since you couldn't go

Tasha said...

I'm glad you guys won something even though it wasn't THE prize. I love Warehouse Willie's! I could eat some spuds and turtle cheesecake right now!

Robyn said...

We were 5th to the last drawn! Oh man! Maybe next year! We have figured out the trick though, Bruce is to not touch the tickets!