Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Life and Times of Substitute Teacher

As, I have told you all before I started substituting this year to earn some extra money and some days it just isn't worth the $50 bucks! I was in Kindergarten last week which I love they are so sweet and cuddly and lovable at the age. I have decided if I ever go back to school I will get my Early Childhood degree. Anyway, so they are all about centers in school now especially at that age. So after the reading lesson, I got the centers set up and they so good about going to their little tables and working on their stuff, it is really too cute. Anyway on this particular day the teacher had left a stamping center for them, stamps with words that they were to trace, complete with RED stamp pads (keep these in mind they will come into play later). So we are all going about our business, I am working at one table with a group the rest of them are doing their respective centers. We get to the end and I walk over to the stamping center to begin putting it away, and lo and behold one of the girls was using the red stamp pad on her hair. She is running it up and down and I ask what do you think you are doing to which she replied highlighting my hair! UGH! So I get onto to her put the center away and move them to the rug for a quick story before they go to lunch. As I am reading I begin to start looking all around the room and there were several others who had used the red stamp pad on their hair as well, one little girl with a blonde pony tail that was now completely red, as well as most of her white shirt and even a boy who had done the top of his head! OH people I was mortified! Who would've thought?

Fast forward to this week, I am in the same class, we are making a Mr. & Mrs. Valentine craft and what does one girl do, she cuts her hair! Now mind you this girl has had headful and I mean headful of blonde curly hair, and most likely her parents would not even miss the piece she cut off, but still she got in big trouble from me on that one. 

I had one little girl try to choke another, I had a little boy that would not sit still or shut up no matter how many times I asked! It rained all day so we couldn't send them outside and they were going stir crazy and so was I!

At the end of the day though, when they gave me hugs as they rushed out the door, I decided it wouldn't be a horrible way to spend my career life! That is if my husband ever finishes his stupid doctorate so I can go back to school!!


Tina - My Own Party of 5 said...

Yeah, I really wouldn't be able to handle being a teacher...especially not to young children...I'd go crazy! I think I've told you before that I wanted to be a high school English teacher, but even at that age, they have the attitudes that make you just want to snatch them up and tell them a thing or two about the "real" world lol...Yeah, I don't think me being a teacher would work out so well! I admire anyone who can do it!

Tasha said...

I'm so glad that there are people out there in the world like you who love these little rugrats! The thought of being outnumbered by 20 kids to 1 teacher gives me an anxiety attack! Kuddos to you, girl!