Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Bible in 90 Days

I am still on track, praise the Lord! I just haven't been posting. It is just such a wealth of information I am having trouble narrowing down. Plus Genesis goes into lineage a lot, which I love learning about but man on man does it make a girl's head swim trying to keep it all straight. So I am just going to hit a few points from the last few days readings.

Again, I am going to focus on a character for just a moment rather than a specific verse. Can I just say I loved reading about Joseph! This man faced so much adversity and the way he relied upon the Lord, it is just awe inspiring. Of course we know his brothers out of jealousy sold him into slavery to the Egyptians. While a slave, Potiphar's wife took quite the shine to him(and not in a good way, in a I am going to try and seduce you way) and when he did not take a shine to her, she told awful lies about him that caused him to be thrown in jail. Eventually, he becomes a dream interpreter for the Pharaoh, and I love what he tells him when he is asked to interpret Pharaoh's dream for him...

" I cannot do it, Joseph replied to Pharaoh, but God will give Pharaoh the answer he desires." Genesis 41:16.

Oh my, I love this and it still true today, there is very little that I can do but God can do so much, through me if I will only allow it. May I strive toward Joseph's example. All these adversities and I never once heard him complain or become bitter about his circumstances, and he gave all the glory to the one who truly deserves it, God! I could go on about Joseph, but I wanted to touch on a few other things.

I have moved into Exodus in my readings. We start to learn about Moses here. Oh , Moses, sometimes I would just like to give him a big shake, and then I think how alike he and I can be at times! I kinda feel like he always had a little bit of doubt about the calling God had given him, and while he trusted in God he always let that seed of I am not good enough creep into his thoughts and poor guy after all the wandering in the wilderness I think it was this doubt along for some other things that caused him to be forbidden to see the promised land. I think how often I rebel against God's calling thinking there is someone better for the job, but the fact is if it is a job God has called you to do, you are the someone better!

I am excited that I have made it through Genesis and am enjoying my trek through Exodus, looking forward to continuing the journey and learning what God has for me to learn!


amykat said...

I'm so happy - - we're both still on track!! I'm actually SO enjoying the reading everyday. I may not be able to say that with such enthusiasm when we get to Numbers....but I'll try. :)

And I love Joseph, too. Oh that I could be more like him..forgiving and faithful...

Tasha said...

Glad you're staying motivated with your reading! Joseph is such a great example of what a good Christian should be!