Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Update on New Year's Resolutions

Okay here is a little update.

90 days to read the bible is going well. I am finished with Leviticus, and am set to start Numbers tonight.

Diet is going okay not losing as quickly as I would like, but hey I am losing so that is good. I have lost as of right now right around the 5lb mark. Hoping it starts coming off quicker but heck if I can lose 5lbs every two weeks that is 10lbs a month, and my first goal is 20lbs, so just 15 more to go! Not really following any plan just eating like I did when I was doing Weight Watchers, just not figuring points and such. Also watching portion sizes and planning meals. Planning is really important for me because if I don't have the stuff here and planned out I am tempted to get fast food and let's face it there is no good for you fast food!

Exercise, we got the treadmill from my mom's house on Saturday, and I have managed to get on it everyday since then. Most days I have done right at 2 miles. One day I did 60 minutes 30 in the morning and 30 that night, I was bored! LOL Hoping I can stay motivated and hoping it makes a difference on the scale soon!

Lastly patience with the kids, well, I am not going to go into this because let's face it we can't have it all!


amykat said...

sounds like you're doing great!! I'm with you on needing more patience with the children we birthed! Sometimes I find myself getting so annoyed....and then feeling so guilty - because for heaven's sakes - they are just kids!! And of course we love them.....sometimes i worry how much therapy my child will need later.... :)

Robyn said...

I think I may start an account now for therapy later! I have been so touch and cranky lately, doesn't help that Bruce is out of town! Praying for more patience next week.

Adrienne said...

Stay motivated if you feel yourself start slipping read Tasha's stuff...she has been my motivation...we could start a little running Lets follow Tasha...But good job and I find the bible in 90 days to be very interesting...I read the entire bible my freshman year but it took like a whole year and I was just reading along..