Monday, January 25, 2010

Bible in 90 Days

I am still doing the Bible in 90 days, pretty sure I got a bit behind this week, but I am still moving through, I am up to Judges! WOOT! The thing I want to talk about today goes back to Deuteronomy, I want to talk about Moses.

Oh Moses, he lead those whiny, ungrateful Israelites for 40 years in a desert, and he still did not get to enter the promised land. This is a story that I am so familiar with and still when I was reading this time I found myself hoping the Lord would change His mind and let Moses enter, but that doesn't happen. God tells Moses, you will not enter because you broke your faith with me in the presence of the Israelites, and did not uphold my holiness. This is what I love about God here though, He told Moses that he would not get to enter, and He told him why, and then He took Moses to the top of Mount Nebo, and He allowed him to see the land the Israelites would inherit. What a precious gift for Moses, the thing that he had worked so hard to provide his people,and the Lord who had forbade him to enter it still let him see its beauty. I can just picture them there together with the Lord pointing out each portion of land and who it will belong to. Then telling Moses this is what I promised to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, my promise fulfilled! Then Moses died there in Moab, just as the Lord told him he would and then do you what our loving God did, he buried him, buried him! What a fitting tribute to Moses to buried by the Lord!

I am just amazed all the time by theLord and what He reveals to me during my readings. That this Lord of Moses is still the Lord of today. This Lord that took compassion on a man that let him down, and still let his eyes see what his feet had longed to stand on, the Lord that fulfilled His promise to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. This Lord still fulfills promises today. I think about myself and my prayers to the Lord, the things I ask for, and then I have to wait, and my goodness if God takes more than a day or two to answer me, well, it is kinda like my excecise I am ready to throw in the towel. I have a hard time waiting for 40 minutes Moses waited for 40 years! I serve a God who answer prayers and fulfills promises, maybe not always the way I wish, but always in a way that is the best! I serve a God who shouts answers like thunder and a G0d who sometimes speaks in whisper. I pray that I slow down long enough to listen, to hear the thunder and especially the whispers. I pray that I can really learn to leave everything in His hands, I know His plans are best, and I pray I learn to be unselfish and let go of my own plans. If I could do these things, take my problems and requests to God first and not after I have tried on my own and totally messed things up. If I could do this I would have a lot fewer messes, and so many more blessings! Praise God, though that He will clean up messes too, especially a big old mess like me!


Adrienne said...

Glad you ae still at it my cousin is doing a bible journey thing not sure if it is the same...I lvoe the store of Moses and it reminds me God loves me even when I mess up..

放假9天 said...
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Crystal said...

Hi I am Adriennes cousin - I am so far behind but I am reading each night. I will eventually get caught up - maybe. I see you live on the edge of no where ok - We live near Poteau - are you close?

Can you read that comment in Japanese or whatever it is?

Robyn said...

Hi Crystal! I am way far behind too but plugging along, as best I can! We live in Cameron, so yes I am close to Poteau. And no I could not read that comment I am assuming it was spam so I deleted it, LOL!