Monday, September 29, 2008

Be Kool, Meg!!

Meg has had some type of bug for the past two days. She started running fever again tonight, so I went to Wal-Mart and found these Be Kool Patches. They have this cooling gel on them and then they stick to the forehead and helps cool them down. Here is a link. Anyway, she loved the thing. She loved the thing so much she won't take it off! Thing is I am hoping she is not running fever tomorrow so that A. she can go back to school and B. I can get my hair done and c. I don't have to take her to the dr and have her pick up gosh only knows what other germs!! YUCK! I am afraid I am going to have to pry it off her head so she can go back to school. She actually looks pretty cute, but really not the fashion statement I would want her to make. So here's hoping Meg is better tomorrow and her love of the Be Kool patch has ended. If you have a kiddo that is sick and running fever I would highly recommend these, they were pretty dang awesome! They make them in adult sizes too! They really should have to pay me for this endorsement as I know millions of my adoring fans will run out and buy soley on my recommendation! LOL


Tasha K. said...

You could totally do infomercials for the "Kool Patch" if youwant to get started on your acting career ;-)

Anonymous said...

Neat or should I say Kool lol. I have never seen those i will have to remember them next time on of the kiddos is sick. Hope Meg is feeling better and you can get her to take the patch off haha.