Saturday, September 13, 2008

Carried to the Table

Which is exactly what I got to do this weekend. I and 9 other lovely ladies from my church headed to the women's fall retreat this weekend. It was awesome and something that I totally needed. I got to hear some wonderful speakers, some awesome music, spend time was some wonderful ladies and most of all spend time with God. I had several ah ha moments this weekend that I pray will result in an renewed commitment to God for me. I mean I am devoted to my church, involved in several different ministries within the church. We go as a family Wednesday morning, Sunday morning and Sunday night, but God revealed to me that while I may be devoted to my church I am not devoting myself to my personal relationship to God with the same fervor. I hope to remedy that. I go about life with all these that keep me busy all these things that I think I have to do, but what I realized while many of those things are good and many even important they aren't the most important thing. I mean I have the I got tos and the I have tos and the I need tos and the I want tos like no one's business, but the thing I realized I was neglecting the one thing that I HAVE to do, the one the thing that is going to make the only type of eternally lasting impact on my life and that is letting my relationship with God have its rightful priority in my life. He so desires to have me make him a priority in my life, and I have so let Him down, but what is so awesome to me is that that no longer matters anymore, he is going to meet me right where I am right now with all my blemishes and imperfections, and he welcomes me back with open arms with a sigh and a I missed you, it has been way to long. Praise God that is so wonderfully forgiving, even when I make mistakes, and Praise God that he still wants a personal relationship with little old insignificant me, because to him I am not insignificant I am LOVED and DESIRED and IMPORTANT. So Lord here I am and I am opening myself up to be used by you in whatever you desire to use me for. I pray that you can use my imperfections to glorify you!

I wanted to share this song that just really sums up my gratefulness for my salvation and for my God. See I am wretch forgiven by grace and nothing that I could do in my own strength can save me, but praise the Lord he carried me to table!


Tasha K. said...

What a great post! I'm so glad you had such a great experience at the retreat!

Robyn said...

Thanks Tasha! Off to see if you have posted about your vacation!