Wednesday, September 10, 2008

You Say It's Your Birthday!!!

Why, yes it is! I turned 31 day. I celebrated by having a day out with my friend Melody. She took me to lunch and we did a little shopping. She is fab company so that alone made it a pretty spectacular day, except for the craptastic service we got at Applebee's but I am not going to complain on my birthday! I might complain tomorrow, I will let you know.

My dear hubby brought me roses and a Whitman's Sampler, LOL, plus some IOUS for when we have some more cash. My mom got me a new comforter set and a gown, and some cash. I am going on a women's retreat this weekend so I am going to go get some new shirts or maybe some new tennis shoes.

It still surprises me as I get older how much a non event my birthday is anymore. I just remember waiting for them when I was younger and now it is just kinda like EH, although I certainly prefer having birthdays than to the alternative! Oh well, I am now 31, and seems like just a bit ago I was turning 16! Now I have 3 kids, my life still kinda startles me at times, I am kinda like when did this happen, LOL!

Anyway it has been a pretty great birthday, and my dad will make me a birthday dinner Sunday my choice, which was chicken and dumplings! Yum I can't wait!

I wanted to end with the sweet email my darling hubby sent me for my birthday today.

Thirty one years ago you were born.
Fourteen years ago you met me.
Ten years ago you married me.
Eight years ago Alexa was born.
Five years ago Meg was born.
Three years ago cooper was born.
Last year you turned thirty.
This year...
Is another year Alexa, Megan, Cooper, and myself get to spend with you.
Somehow it seems like we are the ones getting the presents.
We love you "oodles",
Alexa, Megan, Cooper, and Bruce


Shasta said...

That e-mail was soooo nice!! You are so lucky to have such a great family! Happy Birthday!

and I hear you about those moments when you're like, how did this happen, how did I get here? Didn't I just graduate high school! lol Yeah, I have those a lot!

Robyn said...

It is crazy sometimes isn't it?!?

Tasha K. said...

Happy belated birthday! The birthday e-mail was super sweet. I think Bruce is a keeper ;-)