Thursday, September 4, 2008

I am a Gall Stone Machine!

Yep, you know it is bad when the ultrasound tech puts the wand on and immediately goes "Oh girl!" I was diagnosed with gall stones today. I have no idea how many, the nurse just said several so I am assuming that could be 2 or 200. I have an appointment with the surgeon on the 18th, and my surgeon seriously looks like he is 12, I am hoping the picture is from a while ago! LOL I guess that means he will be really up to date on all the latest trends! Right?!?

I have only been put under one other time and that was to have my wisdom teeth removed, and I was young and dumb then! I am a bit terrified of the prospect of even having to have surgery, even though if they have to do it they will do it laproscopically. Still though I don't know that I want someone poking around in my guts! I mean would you want someone checking out your guts?!? And really I would like to lose about 30lbs before the surgery, think that is a valid excuse for putting it off!?! I just pray I don't have another attack before they decide what they are going to do, which most likely will involve them seeing my guts!


Tasha K. said...

You poor thing! That sucks that you have gal stones but it's great that they will do the surgery laproscopically. Recovery time will be pretty quick I bet. My mom had her gal bladder removed and she was doing pretty well after a couple of days. Just take the pain meds! Doze for a couple of days after surgery and you'll be good to go :-)

Robyn said...

Yea, I figure after birthing 3 kids it will be a walk in the park! I hope anyway!