Friday, September 19, 2008

The gall bladder it be coming out!

October 15th is the day! Oh, and my surgeon is so not twelve! Much to my relief. Anyway he says it is no big deal in and out there you go. Of course he is the one doing the surgery not the one having it! I really liked him, so that was good. You know the really brainy dr types sometimes don't have the best personalities, but he did so that is good. I am still not thrilled about having to be put under, but someone told me to look at it like a really good sleep, and we all know I could use a really good sleep. I feel better about it now that I have met the dr. So, I will soon be gall bladderless let's hope they don't make a mistake and take out my appendix or a kidney or ovary, but heck I really don't need the ovaries anymore anyway, unless by some miracle of God the vacestomy didn't take, and then well honestly I would have bigger problems. Like a padded cell, cause one more kid would do me in! LOL


Tasha K. said...

Prayers will be said on the 15th for you! It's not a bad surgery (so they say) and I'm sure you'll have a quick recovery. Love the padded cell comment- awesome! LOL!