Friday, September 26, 2008


We went to see this tonight with our church, and it was wonderful. Here is the website You can check out the trailer there. It is made by the same people who did Facing the Giants. It stars Kirk Cameron, who was my biggest crush when I was younger. My wall was plastered with Kirk Cameron posters. I even wrote him a letter and was devastated when he never wrote me back, LOL! Anyway the movie is about a firefighter and he and his wife are having maritial issues.They decide to get divorced but before he does his dad asks he to take 40 days and do the Love Dare. You guys it is so good, it made me laugh and cry. Just a really really good movie. I would urge anyone who is married to see it with their spouse!!


Tasha K. said...

Oh Kirk Cameron! Hotness! lol... I loved Growing Pains more than anything at 10 years old! I really want to see this movie. It looks so good.

Robyn said...

It was excellent. It is low budget so the acting isn't steller, but we laughed out loud several times. It was really good, you guys should go see. IF only for the Kirk Cameron factor, LOL!