Friday, September 5, 2008

Procrastination, It's an Art.

Okay here is the dealio (did I just use that word?), my house is a wreck! Since I haven't felt well, it has just totally piled up. Bruce is usually pretty good about helping me keep things straight, but with three kids it is really a never ending battle! Plus the 2 older ones were home an extra day this week and this does not help organizational matters especially when the 2 older ones are BORED! Which they told me they were about 500 times on Monday, to which I replied I guess I should have just sent you to school, to which the middle one replied Well, you should have, there is just no arguing with that one, it is a lost cause.

So, my point and I do have one, I need to be cleaning, and what am I doing? Writing about procrastination to procrastinate having to clean my house. See this where the art comes in, now when my husband comes home and looks at what I have accomplished to day, which at the rate I am going won't be much, and he goes honey what exactly did you do today, I can say I had a pressing matter to blog about! That is where the art part comes in, see this writing thing kinda keeps me sane, keeps me zen, keeps me from being a big old witch, he will not argue with the power of the blog. See I will have successfully procrastinated my cleaning until he is home on Saturday and has to help me. It is an evil plan, and mean since the house is kinda supposed to be my job, since I don't have an actual outside of the house kinda job, but see this is my view on things. I am a stay at home mom, not a stay at home housekeeper, so for me a good job performance entails the young one being fed, clothed, bathed, and happy, if I can do those things and maybe play a little train or watch Cars for the 2,00oth time, or sneak a little nap together, I count it a successful day. Although at the moment he is only wearing a pull up, dancing madly on my couch screaming I want Nick JR, hasn't been bathed, he refused to eat anything but a tube of yogurt for breakfast, oh and he is a potty training drop out! Maybe I am not as successful as I thought I was, but he sure is happy!


Tasha K. said...

You crack me up! I'm a procrastinator about cleaning too although I think I have OCD so I tend to freak out if things get too messy. It's a vicious cycle really... procrastinate cleaning, house gets dirty, freak out because its dirty, clean obsessively for 2 days straight, repeat. Having 2 Dobermans inside makes my house a giant fur ball within days of cleaning. As least kids don't shed :-)

Robyn said...

Oh but they do Tasha they shed toys! EVERYWHERE!!

Amber said...

I have exactly what you need:

I have it bookmarked ;-)